Renting a movie from HOYTS Kiosk, Australia’s largest network of movie rental machines couldn’t be easier.

Since our launch in 2009, we’re proud to have had more than eight million rentals across the country. We know convenience is key, that’s why HOYTS Kiosk has no monthly plans, no memberships and no joining fee – just a wide selection of the latest release movies for you to take home and enjoy.

How to rent
To rent a movie, follow these three easy steps…

  1. Choose your movie
    Use the touch screen to search by genre, title or new release, then select your choice.
  1. Swipe your credit card
    We accept credit cards and Visa/MasterCard debit cards.
  1. Collect your movie
    Return your movie to any kiosk by 9pm the following night (simply slip it back into the slot it came from).

Plus, you can rent and return anywhere! Don’t need to go back to the supermarket tomorrow? No worries – with HOYTS Kiosk you can rent and return at any location.

You can rent and return your DVD to any HOYTS Kiosk located in every state across Australia. Your movies are due back by 9pm after the initial day of rental.

We encourage you to keep an eye out for communication from HOYTS and check with your store for trading hours, so that you can rent and return with ease. For more information visit

Customer Service  Hours:Our Support team is available between 11am – 9pm, Monday to Sunday.
PH: 1300 656 893

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1300 656 893

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